Nécessaire de Voyage | Inès Torrens Design

Extracted from La Mode Illustrée, May 1866 n°22, p.172
Firmin-Didot, 1866, Paris
Bibliothèque du Palais Galliera

Intimate and faithful, this ostentatious piece crossed existences from XVIIth century until the second industrial revolution before its shards are turned into vanity-case, wallet, sewing kit and other manicure set.

Although the original piece is taking shape as a constraining refined wooden cabinet, one of the last versions of the ‘nécessaire de voyage’ spread a certain mystery by using softer materials that almost convey the allure of a wearable piece.

Contemporary re-interpretation whose composition is questionning the fixed image through the filter of exhibition protocols, today’s archival approach as well as the surrealistic dialogue of unpaired eras.

Intérieur d’un nécessaire de voyage, 2023
video, color, no sound, 07 sec. / 11 sec. / 08 sec.