Ines Torrens

Inès Torrens is a costume designer and researcher. She graduated from Dutch Academy ArtEZ in 2023 with a Fashion Design degree and earlier in Literature and Philosophy. She continuously nourishes a personal examination and build a sensitivity and unique understanding of garments through a multidisciplinary approach including performance, film and installation.

Her work explores archive reshaping, memory-laden materials, invisible layers as well as surrealistic and spectral atmospheres.

Some selected pieces from Thirty seconds…and Yet are temporarily available for artistic purposes under special conditions.



2021 Collectie Arnhem 2021, Direction team, Studio Dennis Van Der Broeck, Daniel Van Hauten (NL)
2021 The Doctor, Robert Hicke, Costume Design Assistant, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (NL)
2021 Battles and Metamorphosis of a Woman, Ivo Van Hove, Costume and Set Assistant, Jan Versweyveld, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (NL)
2021 Hodakova, Driven Design Assistant, Stockholm (SE)
2022 La Bête, Bertrand Bonello, Costume Design Assistant, Les Films du Bélier, Paris (FR)


2023 Restoration and Conservation Assistant, Palais Galliera Musée de la Mode, Paris (FR)
2024 Conservation Assistant, MoMu Fashion Museum, Antwerp (BE)


2023 Performance Thirty Seconds…And Yet, Arnhem (NL)
2023 Performance Thirty Seconds…And Yet, DesignBlok, NG Prague, Prague (CZ)


2023 Třicet vteřin Inès Torrens: z muzea módy na runway , PROTI ŠEDI, Prague (CZ)


2019-2023 ArtEZ University of the Arts, BA Fashion Design (Cum Laude)
2016-2019 Bordeaux Montaigne University, BA Literature


French/English/Spanish/ Italian/Dutch (A2)


Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign/After Effects/LightRoom/MadMapper

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